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We at Virtual Information Systems are proud of the solutions we create. This is just one of those solutions.


Madera Calf Ranch


Madera Calf Ranch receives calves from local dairies, raises and then returns them. Monthly billing took 2-3 (18 hour) days to complete. A specialized program was purchased but it required great amounts of data entry.

Virtual Information Systems reviewed their needs and created a custom billing system to meet those requirements in less than 40 days. The billing process was reduced to 4 minutes.

Professional invoices were also created that eliminated hand addressing by using windowed envelopes.

The client's response, "I want to give you a hug and say thank you. Now I can spend time with my family instead of doing the billing."

Simple to use, intuitive interface. Must be user friendly. Menu driven. Auto fill-in to reduce keystrokes.

Billing rates must be date sensitive, easily changed and unique for each dairy.
Invoices must be simple to create and print.

Invoices must be capable of supporting miscellaneous charges and credits.
Must be Y2K compliant.

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